Our Cakes

Death by Chocolate Cheese Cake

Our best selling cake, this is exclusively for chocolate lovers only, layers and layers of rich imported chocolate atop a base of cream cheese and oreo cookies, do not expect left overs.

New York Cheese Cake

Served loaded with fruit on top, a sour cream center on top of a crumbling cake base, sensory overload.

Green Tea Cheese Cake

Japanese influence with refreshing wisps of citrus, and a delicate green tea flavor, on top of a softened cream cheese and crumbling biscuit and almond nut base.

Strawberry Cheese Cake

A summer classic recipe, heaps of strawberry goodness, on top of a softened cream cheese and crumbling biscuit and cashew nut base.

Red Velvet Cheese Cake

Another firm favorite with a touch of velvet, this attractive cake uses flavors to give a subtle nut flavor over a creamy base.

Blueberry Cheese Cake

A classic combination of blueberries, jam and cheesecake, on top of a crumbling biscuit and cashew nut base. It’s extremely more-ish, you’ve been warned.

Toblerone Cheese Cake

Abuse on the senses, an oreo cookie base, cream cheese center and chocolate infused with Toblerones, prepare to feel guilty.

Grannies Strawberry Cake

A delicate sponge and cream center loaded with strawberries and goodness.

Carrot Cake with Icing

It has carrots in it so it must be good for you right? Wrong, it tastes too good to be healthy.

Carrot Cake Au Natural

Naked carrot cake, for those that enjoy the rich flavours of the cake, without the added sweetness of the icing.

Glazed chocolate cake

A gut growing classic, rich chocolate sponge and cream inside, gleaming mirror like chocolate outside.